At NSR, our members are fully qualified and experienced in the design and installation of CCTV systems and surveillance cameras and can design a system that is tailored to the needs of your home and business.

Whether you require a simple single camera set up or multiple site, multiple camera systems that can incorporate tens or hundreds of CCTV cameras, whatever your needs we have had experience in the design and installation of all these types of systems.

Our members are constantly researching and reviewing CCTV systems and products to ensure that they are always at the forefront of new and innovative product designs and features, and are able to offer you the best CCTV system for your individual needs.

PTZ CCTV Cameras

Digital CCTV Systems

The potential benefits of digital CCTV systems are enormous for commercial applications and this is why it is becoming a fast expanding market place. Our members can tailor a CCTV system to suit your needs and budget.

The great advances with digital technology in recent years have completely transformed the security industry as it has for many other market places. Digital CCTV and surveillance can save money, time as well as many other boasting many other features.

Advantages of digital CCTV systems

  • Saves Time - Checking CCTV security tapes could take hours in the past, however with digital CCTV systems it is possible to enter the time and date and retrieve all relevant pictures instantly. There is no time wasted by having to change tapes on a daily basis.
  • Image Quality - Digital recording gives high quality images that cannot be achieved with video tapes.
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring - It is possible to watch and access live and stored CCTV footage from anywhere around the world, allowing you to have complete control over your security.
  • Ease of use - Digital recordings can be emailed out and copied very easily, whilst retaining the quality of image.
  • Saves Storage Space - Storing old tapes used to take up a lot of space, but this is not the case with digital recording storage. Tapes could also be tampered with through the use of authentication software helps to ensure that digital images are tamperproof.

Network IP Cameras

Network IP Cameras are a revolutionary concept used for a wide variety of applications including security systems. They work run via a computer network system such as WAN's, LAN's and any other secure system, using a series of IP numbers, like a computer network might do.

Benefits of Network IP Cameras include:

Analogue CCTV camera systems traditionally require an independent system of cables whereas Network IP cameras do not require this.
They also allows for recording to be stored on a PC, server or dedicated storage equipment that is known as a network video recorder. Allowing for vast quantities of data to be stored.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV systems are portable units that are can deliver live images straight to a laptop, PC, PDA or dedicated monitoring system through the use of 3G mobile phone technology, internet broadband or a wireless LAN network.

Wireless CCTV have a number of benefits, one obvious advantage is that it is wireless and therefore requires no costly wiring and disruption of fitting the wires. They can also be taken with you very easily, should you move business property. The CCTV system can be overt or covert and can be located anywhere.

CCTV Monitoring find out more about this service, click.

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