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Why choose a professional security company from within the National Security Resource as your key holder?

Finding a keyholder that you can trust is very important aspect of a business. There are a number of risks associated with making an employee a keyholder. Bearing this in mind, more and more businesses are now choosing to manage this potential risk by using a a professional security company for their keyholding services.

At NSR some of our members offer a keyholding service and this service can provide many benefits for your business. These include:

All of our mobile keyholding security guards are fully licensed and trained. We are able to provide the fastest response times for keyholding and alarm response.

When using one of NSR's members for your keyholding, we are able to ensure that your keys are secure and safe on your site, this enables a quick response in the event of an alarm activation. One of our mobile patrol officers can attend your business premises - eliminating the time spent collecting keys from a central point.Response time is the key to limiting the amount of damage done to a business in the event of a break in. This means the faster we get there the less chance there is of unnecessary disruption or loss

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