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"Security systems designed to simplify the day to day running and
productivity of utility companies."
Industrial Security Specialists
Industrial Security Specialists
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Creating a safe environment by identifying risks

Utilities are prime targets for criminals including anything from petty thieves to terrorists. As many people throughout the UK depend on services such as electricity and water, preventing security threats is of utmost importance. The aim of security solutions within the utility sector is to reduce the risk of incidents that could have an adverse effect on day to day running and operations. In the long term, security systems can create an increase in productivity and staff compliance which will ultimately result in cost savings because major losses from security risks such as theft and fire will be greatly reduced.

From vandalism to burglary and fire, utilities can face security threats that require effective and unique systems. Implementing security for large premises and multi-location sites is a challenge that requires greater planning and care to pull off. Integrated security solutions are proving to be the most effective methods of securing large premises as they allow users to monitor and control a range of systems from a single location.

To achieve high efficiency, intelligent security systems are capable of identifying critical situations where action must be taken in order to prevent loss in stock or to secure a security threat. This will save both time, money and will also make auditing easier.

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Fire Risk Assessments

Mercury Security - Nottingham


Mercury Security's team of installers were contacted by Wastecycle to install for them a number of security systems into their premises.


Utility Security Specialists

Hewes Security - Essex

Solar park protection

Hewes Security were commissioned to install new cutting edge thermal CCTV for a solar panel park featuring over 200,000 panels over 225 acres.


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