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After RISCO's launch of their new Agility3 wireless home security system, there has been much speculation over whether viewing your home security camera system through a mobile application is a step in the right direction. RISCO has branded Agility3 as an "ideal solution for residential and small commercial installations" and the perfect security for the home. Agility3 was launched at ISFEC 2012, and is advertised as the perfect security software for homeowners who want 'on-the-go control and monitoring of their home security'.

The RISCO security system uses video verification to inform the user of any activity in their home through a sequence of images taken from the PIR sensor. The camera is activated by any event during the alarm. The images are then sent to the user’s iPhone, iPad or Android phone app. Users also have the choice to trigger snapshots on demand via their phones.

The app in question is named iRISCO, and is used to control the whole Agility system. You can view the system’s history/status, any snapshots taken, take photos and even arm/disarm the entire system.
RISCO’s web application holds even more capabilities than the Smartphone app. If necessary, the user can configure the PIR camera settings in their home, controlling image resolution, the number of images taken etc. Other important features include email and SMS event notifications and two-way audio.

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