Wired and wireless nurse call
systems for your patients
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Wired vs wireless nurse call systems
Remote Monitoring
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What is the difference?

Wired Nurse call systems
Every single hospital or care home must have a nurse call system installed, as they are extremely important for patient safety. A hard-wired system is almost always the top choice, as its reliability puts it way ahead of wireless systems. Wired systems are usually the cheapest, easiest to configure and the most reliable system to receive emergency calls. It is also extremely easy to integrate other features into the system when it is hard-wired, meaning if you want to monitor events in your workplace you can set up CCTV in an instant.

Wireless nurse call systems
Because wireless systems are infra-red and radio based, the possibilities of expanding the system at any time are endless. There are many constraints that a hard-wired system faces that a radio nurse call system just doesn't, because there is virtually no wiring involved, and the easy installation causes no disruption to your establishment.

The size of a wireless call system is also completely up to you, as each system is configured to your business' personal needs.

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